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Danielle and Ella

 I would recommend Pooch Pack to everybody! Kim and her staff are professional, attentive, and of course fantastic with dogs. I never have to worry about my dog while working 12-hour shifts, knowing she will be well taken care of. It is so convenient having Pooch Pack pick up and drop off my dog and not needing to be home to do so. So many times I have messaged Kim for a last minute hike and she has always been willing to accommodate. Thanks Kim & team!


Louise and Ursa

Kim and her crew at Pooch Pack are terrific. I am new to the area and my dog is NOT an easy girl. She can be feisty with other dogs and her recall is so-so. But she loves, loves, loves to run and I can't keep up with her. Kim met Ursa and helped me relax knowing Ursa would be safe and have fun. That has been the case. She comes back tired and oh so happy. Pooch Pack has been patient and creative with her and she is always so happy to participate.


Daryl and Ripley

 Absolutely the best decision ever for my dog. She loves going on her hikes and waits by the window for them to pick her up. And is completely exhausted after her adventure. She has learned to be respectful with other dogs and people and responds perfectly to commands. I cannot say enough good things about how well Pooch pack takes care of my fur baby.


Laura and Hank

I stumbled across Pooch Pack on Facebook after our pointer passed away. I loved seeing the pictures & videos of the dogs having such incredible fun-filled adventures. I knew that when we got a dog again I would want him to be part of this amazing service. Hank, our newest pointer came along a year ago and Kim took her time getting to know him and ensuring his safety (he was adopted and hadn’t been with our family too long). Hank LOVES pooch pack and can’t wait for his weekly hikes. I feel 100% confident with the Pooch Pack team. Thanks so much for the amazing adventures, loving the dogs like they are your own, and all the incredible photos. Hank has developed so much confidence since he has joined the Pack! Highly recommend Kim and her staff.


Bryn and Gemma

Absolutely love working with Kim and her team! Not only does Gemma come home super happy and exhausted, but there are super cute pictures posted showing her adventure for the day. Very considerate of busy schedules, posting when spots are available on hikes should you want to add an extra day. At the end of a long day of work it's pretty amazing to know that your dog has already gotten the exercise they need, with people you trust. Overall, money well spent.


Dana and Euclid

Not only does our 7-year-old dog Euclid love his pack walks, his recall and stay/waits have improved dramatically since joining Pooch Pack Adventures. Kim and her team do a wonderful job taking the dogs to spectacular places for exercise and social interaction. I love that they go the extra mile for all of the videos and photos so you can see what your dog experiences on an adventure!


Lana, Piper & Donia

I wasn't sure if my young, insecure Piper was going to do well in a group of new dogs, so I sent her off with my senior, confident dog to help her on the first outing. Well, my senior enjoyed it so much that I kept sending her out as well. It took about 4 outings, but now Piper and big sister Donia look absolutely joyful in the videos that Kim shares. Piper still isn't great with the group photos and is often missing from the picture, but I know that she got some great exercise, socialization, and affection. I love the fact that Pooch Pack uses tracking collars for new dogs as well as the Pack A Paw safety harness.


Janet and Flash

Flash has been going to Pooch Pack Adventures for 9 years and he loves it. He is that dog that almost jumps out of his skin when the van pulls into our driveway. Then he remembers his manners and sits nicely while quivering with excitement. What I love is how clean he is afterwards even though the photos of the hike show him covered in mud. 

He’s a veteran of the annual Golden Retriever hikes. Even though he’s getting older he still finds the energy to run and play with his younger pack. Like us, he just takes a little longer to recover!

We are so looking forward to the Pooch Pool School opening this year. Flash will be one of the first in line; bringing back memories of jumping off the dock at our old cottage. Thanks Kim and your team for all you do for Nanaimo-area dogs


Christine and Bandit

Poochpack has been so great for my heeler! Not only does he love his adventures, his home and car manners have improved greatly! Highly recommend! Bandit needed some mom time and went off leash for the first time with me. He did great! He waited every ten feet for me and even posed for a picture when I asked him! He has some health issues recently and thank you for understanding and looking after him!


Terre and Oliver

For years Oliver, our doodle, has enjoyed adventures with his Pooch Pack buddies. However, a year and a half ago he lost mobility in his back legs. Thanks to the support of Kim, and her team he is back with his pals, wheels and all.

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