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Question:  So how does it work? How do we get our dog/s started?

Answer:   We will start with a phone intake appointment, cover several questions and answers, fill in some paperwork and if it seems like a good fit for all us we will book your dog’s first hike on a day that best suits him/her. An in-home meet n greet can be arranged if it seems necessary.

Question:   Do you pick them up or do we drop them off at your facility?

Answer: We are a mobile service with comfortable, temperature-controlled vans and will pick up and drop off your dog/s to your home or office within Nanaimo. 

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Question: I have a small dog: will she be ok with the other dogs on an adventure hike?

Answer: Our pack consists of dogs of all shapes and sizes and varies from day to day. We do our best to match all dogs up into the right groups and more often personality is more important than size. Just look at our smallest member Poncho!!

Question:  Should I feed my dog before or after the hike?

Answer:  We highly recommend that the dogs get fed at least 3 hours before pick up or wait until after the hike to avoid car sickness or deadly bloat (stomach torsion) while running.

Question:  Where do you take the dogs?

Answer:  We go outside the city limits to various private forestry property (Mosaic, Island Timberlands), where we can use inactive logging roads, trail systems, creeks, rivers and lakes.

Question: Will my dog come home very wet and dirty?

Answer:  Running in the forest, the dogs can get dirty; in the rain, they will get wet; and in the summer they spend time cooling off in the lakes or rivers. We plan the walks according to the weather and in poor weather conditions there are areas that will be avoided. We do our best to ensure that the dogs return home in a reasonable state and if you leave a towel, we will dry them before they re-enter your home.

Question:  How old does my puppy have to be join the pack?

Answer:  Since the nature of our service is quite rugged and puppies’ bones and joints need to be strong and developed enough to endure jumping on logs and running through the forest, your vet or breeder will give you the best advice in this regard. Load bearing breeds should wait until full grown. Agile, more slender breeds can start a bit sooner. Pups that are used to a good exercise regime may also start sooner. Each pup will be considered on a case-by-case.

Question: What is your vaccination policy?

Answer: We require that all vaccinations under the advisement of your veterinarian are kept current. OR. If you have consulted with a holistic veterinarian and have chosen not to continue with regular vaccinations we require that your dog has been titer tested within the last 12 months and that the core vaccinations of canine distemper, canine parvovirus and were administered as a puppy.

Question: What is your spay and neuter policy?


Answer: We prefer that all members be spayed or neutered. However, we will review if there are professional reasons for your choice to leave your dog intact ie; Breeder contracts, vet recommended for proper development of growth plates. Some males when they go through a testosterone spike may become unmanageable in a pack setting. We may ask you to neuter or to take time off hikes until neutered.

We will discuss on a case by case.  **We will ask that you keep your female at home during her heat cycle.

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