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Kim Sirett – Nanaimo’s Leader in Off Leash Dog Walking

Kim’s decision to become an off-leash dog walker goes back to her childhood. She had a special connection with dogs and animals for as long as she can remember. Kim could always be found playing with, training, exercising or teaching a new trick to her childhood Golden Retriever Molly. Kim and Molly became well known in their small hometown for the wide range of unique tricks they could do together and took ‘best in show’ every year in the “Annual Kids’ Dog Show” for their interesting tricks and stunts.  

​Kim’s career ambition as a youngster was to become a veterinarian or dog trainer, but instead she went on to enjoy an exciting but demanding career in the pet industry and worked with a company for nearly ten years with a final position as National Director of Purchasing and Merchandising. Throughout this career Kim learned a lot about animal behaviour and received additional education in nutrition, animal health care, behaviour and trained hundreds of employees under her tutelage.

​After a break from the pet industry to raise her children, Kim has found her way back to pursue a career with canines. She became an off-leash dog walker and Pooch Pack Adventures combines her love of the great outdoors with her passion and love for the pooches.

​Kim lost her cherished partner, Abby, early to cancer in Dec. 2017. Abby was the co-founder of Pooch Pack Adventures, the balanced pack leader and she mentored many insecure pooch members over the years. Kim and Abby’s favourite activity to do together was dock diving, whether it was swimming at the lake with a dock or competing in dock diving competitions. 

​In 2018, Kim added a Golden Retriever puppy to her fur family, Miss Gracie Mae!. Kim and Gracie also partake in dock diving and competitions. They get plenty of practice time in at the Pooch Pool School, Kim’s second business that opened in July 2021. 

Now with more than 22 years experience in dog and animal care, and more than 12 years operating Pooch Pack Adventures, Kim is excited about the expansion of her two canine businesses with possibilities of more future growth.

dock-diving-1 (3).jpg
Screenshot (2).png

Kim is currently owned by her rescue Australian Shepherd Dio and her Golden Retriever Gracie!


Meet Lia

Lia has an active lifestyle and is an avid outdoor enthusiast that thrives on hiking whenever she can. In 2017, Lia began joining Kim on the pack hikes and was a natural at overseeing the safety and care of all the dogs and quickly made friends with them all. Lia would join Kim on her days off from Vancouver Island Convention Centre where she managed and supervised operations and dozens of staff. In 2019, Lia decided to leave the service industry and take a semi-full-time permanent position with Pooch Pack Adventures.

Lia brings a maternal, loving kindness to her pack of friends and has a keen eye for safety first! 


Meet Elayne

Elayne’s passion for animals is prevalent. With a career goal to become a dog trainer of service animals, Elayne started joining Kim on hikes in 2018 as a volunteer. She used this experience to further her knowledge of dog behaviour and body language. Elayne longed for a position with Pooch Pack Adventures so she gained work experience at Doggy Daycare and a Veterinary Clinic. Elayne always found herself returning to pack hikes with Kim in hopes of gaining a permanent position. In 2022, Elayne’s persistence and skill set finally paid off and she now leads packs independently into the back country for PPA. Her leadership with the dogs looks and sounds almost identical to Kim’s and the dogs all love and respect her.

My ‘A-Ha’ Moment!

aha-pooches (1).jpg

I love it when you quietly look up in admiration….make direct eye contact…. gently wag your tail and give me what appears to be a smile. It’s as if you are saying,  “You are my leader, I love you and I will go wherever you go”.

This was my ‘A-Ha’ moment. No matter how dirty, tired, wet or cold I get…it is all worth it and I am so happy I have met you and that I chose this career to be your dog walker!

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